miercuri, 24 decembrie 2008

The sea seen through Alexandria's eyes

This is an unusual text since it is written for someone in particular. Is a way to talk about a beautiful thing that ended. More is a way to say Good bye.

Sometimes we have the luck to meet special people. Some of them stay with us for a long time, others don't. We can find explanations for their disappearance: it wasn't meant to be, it was us who pushed them away... But in the end the only thing that matters is that they are no longer with us...

So this is for a person that is very far "in time and space", but very close in "feelings".

These lines are for a person that would impress anyone with his special kind of purity, very hard to find these days, and also a unique sense of kindness....a sort of human angel.

Meeting someone like this person gives you a special perspective on all things surrounding you, gives you faith that all beauty is not lost, that kindness has a meaning in this life and so has tolerance and acceptance....

In my mind this person takes the shape of the thing that i love most: the sea. The calm, tormented, furious or sometimes frozen sea.

But as much as I love this sea I have to let her go...

Still I am happy that for a moment I could see the sea through Alexandria's eyes.

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